Sonneurs de veuze en Anjou


    Bouine Bouzine
is a group of “Veuze” players –
a specific kind of bagpipes that were used long ago in Anjou (as well as in Southern Brittany and Northern Vendée).  the local bagpipe from the Anjou region in the Loire Valley. The group also includes an accordionist and several percussionists.

The repertoire is derived from The band plays a repertoire of traditional tunes and songs from the regions of Anjou, Mayenne, and Vendée, plus those of Italy, Africa, and Brazil, ... as well as from the group’s their original compositions.

     Bouine Bouzine plays roaming concerts for festivals and celebrations on the quays along  the Loire River
They animate other street festivals with their lively fanfare, and also produce three different shows :

- the first is  – one called  At Noel the Days Lengthen” which is based on the songs and traditions of the Christmas season, both religious and pagan.
- the second is and a second based on the tumultuous and colourful life of an infamous joker from Rabelais's time known as “Maitre Pierre Fayfeu's joyful legend". 
- the The third tells the epic of a roaming Dragon which takes you from of Loch Ness to the underground passages of Petosse: " Le Veson du Dragon ".